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RSO based Delta 8 hemp supplements + D9THCO, D8THCO, HHC, CBD extracts!

Lilith CBD sells High Quality, Lab Tested RSO Hemp supplements. We channel the power of the many cannabinoids found in Hemp, such as Delta 9-THC O, Delta 8 THC-O, HHC, CBD, as well the varied terpenes mother nature makes available to us through the Hemp Plant.

Formulated with a variety of cannabinoids & terpenes - Experience the Full-Spectrum difference!
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Titrate your Dosage with RSO TINCTURE - a conveniently POTENT way to medicate.
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Get High DISCREETLY using RSO Capsules - it's a great way to medicate without all the sugar that comes with traditional edibles.
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A delicious and potent way of medicating. Perfect for being discreet.
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RSO Mouthsprays
Refresh your breath, medicate, and do it all super discreetly with this conentrated, yet small device filled with infused-cannabinoids and peppermint terpenes!
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The Lilith CBD Difference

Sensual RSO is an aphrodisiac-based hemp blend that gives good loving vibes.

Hemp-based RSO aphrodisiacs for both couples and singles.

Throughout Human History, various cultures have used hemp as an aphrodisiac. The benefits of this today are even GREATER than in the past – unlike harmful chemically-made pharmaceuticals in the market, Hemp is an all-natural, organic and natural source of a sex supplement! Make Him or Her satisfied with Hemp based aphrodisiacs. - hemp women enjoying the euphoria of Vitality AM!

Hemp Supplements that actually get you HIGH - we make ours POTENT.

We use these hemp supplements too! We know what a drag it is to buy a hemp product only to be dissapointed in its lack of potency. Lucky for you, we’re known for strong products. Our products make you FEEL different effects – according to how we formulate it. We simply use terpenes and compounds from the Hemp Plant to achieve this. - hemp rso scientist collecting specimens.

Carefully formulated by a team of experienced Hemp enthusiasts!

Cannabinoids and terpenes play a vital role in the entourage effect < — this is the process these compounds go through when giving you all sorts of effects such as euphoria or pain relief. Instead of focusing on “strains” – we craft products using specific ratios to “dial in” the effects. In lamens terms, we make sure our products make you FEEL. - girl medicating on hemp rso

Full Spectrum vs Everything else on the market

Since the early days of prohibition, cannabis has always been centered around One Thing: Effects – not just effects purely for pleasure, but the effects that ensure medicinal relief from countless ailments. Somewhere along the path, the market seems to have forgotten this – and greed along with keeping up with the trend of only using “clear extracts” has caused the miracle of the Entourage Effect to go into obscurity. Through our own research and development, we firmly believe that using hemp oil derived from the plant with the least ammount of processing (i.e. retaining a wider array of compounds within the oil – causing the oil to be a bit darker and amber in color) – is the best way to go if you’re seeking effects and relief. This is why we work with our very special RSO – AKA Rick Simpson oil… 

What is RSO - AKA Rick Simpson Oil? - rick simpson oil - hemp rso - full - spectrum

Although full spectrum hemp oil has existed for thousands of years, and even though the hippes of the 70’s and 60’s would smoke this “black oil” back in the day – it wasn’t until the early 2000’s that it was re-popularized through Rick Simpson, a man from Nova Scotia, Canada who extracted this oil to treat his own skin cancer. According to him, when using this black oil which we now call: “RSO” – he was able to self-cure his illness. Inspired by this miracle, he began growing hemp to extract RSO, and offered to heal many of his family and friends. Going by some of the testimonies his friends gave in the Documentary: Run from the Cure, many claimed the RSO healed them completely. 

We were inspired by this many years ago, and since then have worked towards crafting RSO-based products as the foundation for everything we create. There’s nothing wrong with “clearer” extracts such as distillate or isolates, in fact these products are great for vaping and smoking purposes – while RSO and other full-spectrum blends are better suited for oral consumption. But no one can deny the day and night difference when ingesting full-spectrum that RSO provides, vs a heavily processed oil that’s lost many of its flavonoids, terpenes, cannabinoids and other mysterious compounds that make us feel great! The RSO is hands down the winner.

Science has only just begun to fully understand cannabinoids. In fact, since 2020 there has been numerous new cannabinoids such as HHC, THC-O and more that have hit the scene. Many of these compounds have always been present in hemp, but they’ve been hiding in small trace ammounts. Now that we’re in the future, we’ve begun to understand the importance these minor chemicals play in healing ourselves with hemp. It only makes sense that mother nature impregnates her Hemp Plant with a full galaxy of compounds – so we strive to do the same with our creations.


The Collection:

Vitality AM - RSO - Vitality AM RSO Syringe

Get cerebral with Vitality AM RSO, a formulated blend engineered to give you a powerful uplifted feeling.

Contains: D8THC, D8THC-O, D9THC-O, CBD Full Spectrum Hemp Oil (RSO)

Relax PM - RSO

Become relaxed with Relax PM RSO. Created for unwinding after a stressful day, or to aid in sleep.

Contains: CBN, CBD Full Spectrum Hemp Oil (RSO), D8THC, D8THC-O

Serene 1:1 AM/PM - RSO

Find balance with Serene 1:1 RSO. It’s perfect for a potent but calming feeling of equilibrium.

Contains: D8THC, CBD Full Spectrum Hemp Oil (RSO)

Sensual RSO Tincture

Sensual RSO blend contains the power of aphrodisiasic essential oils to give you a boost in mood, with warm fuzzy feelings that induce a need to be sensual.

Contains: D8THC, CBD Full Spectrum Hemp Oil (RSO)

Daydream RSO Capsules

Take a chill pill and enjoy a heady feeling with this combination of cannabinoids and terpenes. Largely driven by the potency of Limonene and Eucalyptol: these RSO capsules are a convenient way to medicate. Achieve a similar high to edibles, without all the fat and sugar!

Contains: D8THC-O, D8THC, CBD Full Spectrum Hemp Oil (RSO)

Refresh+ RSO Mouthspray

Freshen your breath after every meal, and get medicated anytime, anyday with our cannabinoid-infused Mouthspray. The peppermint terpenes combat bad-breath, may relieve stomach pains, and provides a clarity-like feeling in the brain. It’s super concentrated a little spray here and there is all you need.

Contains: D8THC, CBD Full Spectrum Hemp Oil (RSO)

RSO Chocolate Chip Cookies

Clocking in at 100mgs per cookie, these chocolate flavored cookies are POTENT and tasty.

Contains: D8THC, CBD Full Spectrum Hemp Oil (RSO)

Peanut Butter RSO Cookies - Peanut Butter RSO cookies

100mgs per 1 Peanut Butter cookie makes these a heavy hitter.

Contains: D8THC, CBD Full Spectrum Hemp Oil (RSO)